We sent out a letter to all of our operators on the setup of adding cryptocurrencies to all ChainBytes machines, remotely. Now Dogecoin, the meme coin that turned into worldwide fandom, is more accessible to customers all over the US. Our team has some major Dogecoin lovers, so adding in this update was inevitable (with more cryptocurrencies to come!). We even brought a “doge” to the office the other day! Everyone, meet Toshi on our ChainBytes twitter:


Toshi Doge


Why Dogecoin on BTMs Helps Customers

Cryptocurrency ATMs (or Bitcoin ATMs) are, to date, the quickest and easiest way for newcomers to enter the market. We’re the “frontline of adoption,” so-to-speak, for people who are just getting into crypto or want to withdraw or deposit cash for crypto into their wallet fast. And, when a hot new coin like Dogecoin comes up, people want to get it, and fast, so they don’t miss out!

You can use an exchange (Kraken and Coinbase just added Dogecoin), but many people still aren’t comfortable using a crypto exchange, and they have a valid reason to be uncertain. Most crypto exchanges don’t make it easy. You need to be somewhat tech-savvy, and it all takes a lot of time for funds to transfer into your account to actually be able to trade. The idea of a wallet application is hard enough for some, let alone connecting one with an exchange along with your bank account, etc. These are pain points that don’t exist for Bitcoin ATMs because there is no pre-verification, no time needed to process a transaction (it’s instantaneous). You don’t need anything to connect your wallet other than scanning your QR code at the machine. Your phone, your ID (driver’s license), your cash – that’s it, and done!


How to Purchase Dogecoin on a Bitcoin ATM in 3 Steps

It’s easy! Once you’ve located a ChainBytes BTM near you (with Dogecoin), you go to the machine with USD$, your state driver’s license, and follow these simple steps:


Step 1: Click “Select Coin” :

Step 1 Select Coin


Step 2: Choose the Cryptocurrency (Dogecoin) you’d like to purchase:

Step 2 Select Doge Coin


Step 3: Now, you’re back at the Main Screen to follow the same purchasing routine!

Scan your driver’s license, connect your wallet with a QR code, and Done!
(For Bitcoin you have the paper wallet option, but you’ll need a simple wallet for altcoins).

Step 3a Step 3b


Why Should a Bitcoin ATM Provide Dogecoin?

It all depends on your strategy, but in the end – it helps customers get access to a popular cryptocurrency that even Elon Musk is backing up. If you’re a Dogecoin superfan and want to provide Dogecoin and the education involved to your community, then this would be an excellent option for you. This opportunity for operators provides an additional competitive edge. At ChainBytes, we want to provide our operators every chance to succeed; this is one of the many ways we do that. Not all operators will choose to go down this route, though, so if you’re looking for a Bitcoin ATM that allows you to buy and sell Dogecoin near you, check with CoinATMRadar first.

We hope this information helped navigate you down the road of success and explore new cryptocurrencies. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our team!



The ChainBytes Team

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In the meantime, you can follow us on our channels, visit our website, or call us directly!
Check out our website, https://www.chainbytes.com
Give us a call! +1 (415) 529-5777 or shoot us an email.


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