1. Audio Amplifier and 2 Speakers
3. Cash Recycler + Cash Box (1080 bills)
4. 19″ Touch Screen Monitor
5. Camera
6. Thermal Printer
7. 2D Barcode, QR / ID Scanner
8. 2nd Top Mounted Monitor
9. Steel Housing

Exceptionally fast ROI + Additional Revenue streams

Combining state of the art hardware packed with premium components and additional top screen makes this model a unique Bitcoin ATM kiosk still unchallenged in possibilities and additional revenue streams. Top-mounted 2nd screen allows you to sell add space to 3rd parties and generate additional income or simply promote your brand with eye-catching videos or explainers that will make your BTM stand out.  With all possibilities, ChainBytes+ model is unmatched by any existing BTM on the market, proving itself as a best enterprise solution for companies looking to maximize the usability of Bitcoin ATM as more then just a buy/sell bitcoin kiosk.

White Labeled

A combination of premium hardware components, eye-catching design and high customization options, this kiosk presents the perfect industry solution for companies looking to establish their unique brand in the Bitcoin ATM Market. 

Simple to use and operate

You do not need any technical or programming knowledge to operate this BTM. Kiosk is “Plug and Play” created for industry professionals with little to no technical skills, kiosk setup and updates are done remotely by our highly skilled staff.

Configure and order ATM 

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Compliance Package  $1500

Provided by 3rd party – BTMcompliance LLC. Package includes: Designated Compliance officer, Registration with FinCEN, KYC/AML compliance program tailored to the risk assessment of your locations. Not included: Monthly fee of $100 for transaction clearance (SAR, CTR Filings)

Marketing package starting from $500

Provided by a 3rd party – a unique marketing packages to get you started. A team of professionals can build an entire marketing campaign for your operation locally. From website and listing of your machines on all online key places to the creation of printable promotional flyers and campaigns in social media. The variety of marketing packages helps you reach your potential customers quickly.

Packed with Features  ChainBytes+ model was introduced in 2018 and it was an immediate success. This model supports both buy and sell functionality and has an additional top-mounted screen that can run any ads, explainer videos or your promotional material. ChainBytes+ is highly customizable and optionally it can support additional features. 
Placement: ChainBytes+ is designed as self-standing bitcoin ATM and it’s primarily installed in malls and high foot traffic locations where it attracts attention.
Wallets: Bitcoin ATM’s provide a way for customers to buy crypto-currency in a simple and secure way. Operators are owners of the wallet, ChainBytes do not store operator’s funds.
Recycler ChainBytes+ model is equipped with ITL Recycler. ITL is a British company with a track record of over 30 years producing banknote receivers, dispensers and recyclers, offering one of the best quality products on the market. Having the recycler significantly reduces the float needed for operation, since bills received from one customer can be directly dispensed to the next. Reducing the need for emptying the cash or storing large amounts of cash in the dispenser.
Dashboard: Our back-office Dashboard platform allows you to remotely manage all of your machines, check the status of machines, see cash available in the cashbox and the recycler, see and manage all the orders, adjust your KYC levels, company details, fees and much more.
Enterprise solution: ChainBytes is mostly catering toward enterprise clients who are looking to develop a wide network of BTMs. The home screen of BTMs is customizable to display the operator’s brand and website address. The optional “Auto Payment” feature is a handy tool for operators who wish to automatically split the fee between partners or location hosts.
Software:  ChainBytes+ Bitcoin ATM needs to be connected to ChainBytes software and Dashboard.  The software license fee is 1% of transaction volume.  ChainBytes provides service of software updates remotely every time when a new update is available.
Power Supply: 110V- 230VAC±10% 50HZ±1HZ (US, Japan, Australia, Asia, Europe and other)
Languages: Belorussian (BY), Chinese (ZH), Croatian (HR), Dutch (NL), English (EN), Estonian (EE), Filipino (PH), French (FR), German (DE), Hungarian (HU), Italian (IT), Japanese (JA), Kazakh (KK), Korean (KO), Latvian (LV), Lithuanian (LT), Macedonian (MK), Norwegian (NO), Portuguese (PT), Polish (PL), Romanian (RO), Russian (RU), Serbian (SR), Slovenian (SL), Slovakian (SK), Spanish (ES), Swiss German (DE-CH), Ukrainian (UK), Vietnamese (VN) or download file from our website and translate into any additional language yourself!
Currencies supported: More then 120 currencies (Default currency is USD)
Crypto address entry: 2D QR Scanner and Camera
Monitor: 22″ Touch Screen Monitor Brightness 250-400 Contrast:400: 1 Touch Screen Resolution: 4096 x 4096
Cash Box Capacity: 1000 banknotes
PC: CPU, Mainboard, RAM, HardDisk, Graphics
Internet connectivity: WiFi (b/g/n) + Ethernet
Camera: Logitec C920
Printer: Custom K80 Thermal Printer
Audio: 2 Speakers
Security: Optional: Alarm and GPS tracking (not included in the price)
2nd Monitor: Top mounted, remotely operated for displaying marketing campaigns
Cabinet Material: Cold Roll Steel
Dimensions: 22″x 24″x 70″ / 55x60x168cm 22″ (55cm) long by 24″ (60cm) wide by 66″ (168cm) height – this model can be ordered in 2 different sizes, please inquire about your preferred size
Warranty: 1 year
Mounting options: Can be mounted to the floor.
Gross Weight* 140kg / 300lbs (According to the installation of different parts of the deviation)

Basic ChainBytes+ model
bitcoin ATM with 2 screens BTC ATM ChainBytesbitcoin ATM with 2 screens
best bitcoin atm kiosk
ChainBytes+ in operation (wrapper and logo stickers are not included in basic model)
bitcoin atm for sale advertising screen 2  Bitcoin ATM ChainBytes Bitcoin ATM ChainBytes          




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