ChainBytes is an innovative Blockchain software company focused on finding solutions for the practical deployment of Blockchain use case. We provide a wide range of Bitcoin ATM hardware products as well as blockchain and Ai software solutions. 



At ChainBytes, we take pride in delivering superior Bitcoin ATMs featuring top-tier hardware components meticulously crafted for robust, long-lasting performance. Our commitment to quality ensures that our machines are not only durable but also designed to withstand the demands of heavy usage, providing a reliable solution that stands the test of time. On the technological forefront, our Bitcoin ATM Software is tailor-made for enterprise businesses, offering seamless support for large operations. Unrivaled in functionality, our software empowers operators with complete 24/7 control over their kiosks. With unparalleled KYC compliance features, advanced reporting capabilities, and now enhanced by cutting-edge AI features, ChainBytes machines stand out as pioneers in the industry.

Crypto ATM for sale by ChainBytes

Bitcoin ATM at Temple Sunoco Gas Station in Reading PA by Hippo Bitcoin ATM powered by ChainBytes

Software development services


We are a team of experts in blockchain technology and are keen to implement cryptography-based technologies to store immutable data and support private blockchain development. We offer services of blockchain genesis, or we can fork existing blockchains for project needs. We are interested in projects that implement blockchain practical solutions. We have developed several cutting-edge projects, such as Voting on the Blockchain, and implemented it in the Mexican Senate, where it is currently being used for testing and introducing legislators to the practical implementation of blockchain.

ChainBytes Bitcoin ATM operator


We are currently developing and testing several AI-driven solutions. Our implementation of AI in Bitcoin ATM operation will cut the cost of operation, predict the growth, analyze the customer base and most importantly, help operators bring better KYC compliance decisions. Some of our Bitcoin ATM operators are already testing our new AI features and shortly they will be made available to the entire fleet. 


We have experts in blockchain technology and we are keen to implement cryptography-based technologies to store immutable data. One of our larger-scale products is an application for the transparent casting of votes directly on Bitcoin and other blockchains, called “Blockchain Voting,” and it’s being tested in the Mexican Senate. We have expertise in smart contracts development and smart contracts audit. Our services include design, development, audit and optimization of self-executing and coded business contracts. We can implement smart contracts to automate enforcement in Rootstock and Ethereum while eliminating security flaws, misbehavior, and inefficiency and supporting private blockchain development. Till now, we have also developed several advanced platforms as a “Company Govern”, a DAO platform for corporate governance and blockchain-based voting via smart contracts.

Blockchain voting application by ChainBytes


 We develop services on top of the blockchain. These include the development of remittance platforms, decentralized exchanges or centrally run exchange platforms, order books, payment processors, and supply chain management. We are presently working with Lehigh Valley University on a project centered on Coffee origin tracing and transparent blockchain payment of wages for farmers in El Salvador.


Tokenization is the process of converting rights to an asset into a digital token on the blockchain. ChainBytes has a great interest in figuring out how to move real world assets onto blockchains and gain the advantages of Bitcoin. Till now, we have developed projects that were focused on tokenizing an entire fleet of airplanes and an airport. We are always interested in similar innovative projects.


We have successfully developed projects that allow business growth through the implementation of DAO-based tokens. DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization. Blockchain is the base for maintaining DAO’s financial transaction record and program rules. DAO is ideal for a fully automated system in transportation, online storage, mesh networks, and healthcare sectors.

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  For any inquiry about the custom development of blockchain-based software, contact us; we are interested in innovative projects focused on AI and blockchain solutions.

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