ChainBytes 2.0

New two-way Bitcoin ATM with optional top-mounted screen for
displaying 3rd party ads, and innovative features like “Auto-Payments”

Native Marketing features

Use our new Campaign and Voucher Feature

You can now offer your customers free Bitcoins or discounts on purchases.
Advertise a voucher code and watch new customers flock to the machines!


Top of the line Bitcoin ATM
Equipped with premium hardware components, and backed up
by innovative ChainBytes Bitcoin Dashboard software.



The best Bitcoin ATMs


ChainBytes has over 40 years of accumulated experience in financial, hardware, and software development and over 10 in the development of Bitcoin ATMs. Our business focuses on enterprises and entrepreneurs looking to expand and develop their Bitcoin ATM operation business.

Our mission is to improve the Bitcoin ATM industry, offer the most innovative solutions on the market, and be the most reliable partner in support of our operators.



2 Way BTM Transactions

ChainBytes Bitcoin ATM for 2 way transactions f


Price $6800

Software License
1% Monthly

*Shipping and country import duties not included in price.
*Shipping price may vary depending on your location.


2 Way BTM Transactions

Price $6500

Software License
1% Monthly

*Shipping and country import duties not included in price.
*Shipping price may vary depending on your location.


1 Way BTM Transactions


Price $3500

Software License
1% Monthly

*Shipping and country import duties not included in price.
*Shipping price may vary depending on your location.

Plug & Play Bitcoin ATM Kiosks 


We are the #1 Customer Support partner because we know how important it is to ensure that your machines are up and operational at all times.

Live Support

Our Support team is the founding block of our business. Our team of over 40 professionals works around the clock to assure maximum performance and minimal downtime of your machines.
When you reach out to someone on our team, you speak to an actual person. From the moment we get a call, we treat you like you are in the ChainBytes family, helping you every step of the way. Once your machine order is in, we begin the Dashboard onboarding process with your company’s unique URL. Then, we walk you through the entire process, step by step. On your Dashboard, you have an immense amount of resources at your fingertips. It’s helpful that our machines are high quality and easy to use because most customers don’t even need us. But, we’re here for when you do!

Plug and Play

Our machines are “Plug and Play,” and our technical support team assures that you do not need any technical knowledge to operate our Bitcoin ATMs

Plug and Play

Our live technical support team assures that you do not need any technical or programming knowledge to operate our BTMs. All updates and installations are performed remotely by our highly skilled tech team.
And our unique “back-office” Dashboard platform puts you in complete control over all Bitcoin ATMs in your fleet. With our online Dashboard, you can remotely check machine status and connection, view cash available in the machine, set or adjust your fees, manage orders, change KYC levels, and much more. Most importantly, the Dashboard provides you with a live and detailed reporting on all transactions.
With our Dashboard, you can manage all of your machines without having multiple management consoles, knowing about servers, or integrating code. It is that simple.



Exceptionally fast ROI

Chainbytes Bitcoin ATMs are equipped with Smart Payout Cash Recycler minimizing needed float and ownership cost…

Exceptionally fast RIO

Chainbytes BTM is equipped with Smart Payout Cash Recycler minimizing needed float and ownership cost. To start operations, you need as low as a couple hundred of $ in your recycler, making our BTM a perfect partner for those looking to start a business with minimal initial capital and fastly grow the number of ATMs in their fleet.
Our operators are reporting exceptionally fast ROI, and most of the operators quickly expand to a 3rd and soon after to a 5th unit operation.

Enterprise Partner

Your success is our success; that’s our entire business model. And that’s why we are the #1 choice of enterprise companies …

Enterprise Partner

Our team is the most reliable, open, and honest group of people. We have to be because you trust us with your business and don’t take that lightly. Our business model is created with the customer in mind. Your success is our success. We work hard so that your machines arrive on time and exactly where they’re supposed to be. That they are installed quickly and We stay firm to this value by being transparent with our entire process, from onboarding, shipping, unwrapping, and support afterward.

Audio Amplifier & 2 Speakers

Space for electronic lock & Opt-connect

Cold-rolled Steel Housing

White-labeled with space for your logo

Top mounted 2nd screen

For Promotional ads or explainers

ID / QR scanner & Camera

3 levels for KYC/AML compliance

19'' Touch screen monitor

Crisp display image

High security banknote validator

Recycler for cash float efficiency

KYC/AML Compliance for the USA

As a US company, we understand how important it is to comply with all KYC/AML policies. That’s why we secured a special compliance package for all our US-based clients. For only $1500 our partner company, BTM Compliance, will provide you with a written AML/KYC compliance policy for your BTMs, as well as register you with appropriate authority on the federal level. This added security allows you to concentrate on what you do best, growing your business, and not have to worry about regulations.

Know Your Customer

Simple and easy AML/KYC
compliance implementation

Our  Bitcoin ATMs kiosks are compliant with any KYC/AML regulation
you have set for your business. We made sure to take the hassle away. If you are just entering BTM space and don’t have set KYC/AML we are now offering a simple, and effective  solution:

Third-Party Voluntary AML/KYC
Solution that integrates

With our ATM’s For as Low as $150 a Month for Companies in USA

ChainBytes Bitcoin ATMs are one of the most advanced and by far the most flexible BTM’s on the market. In combination with our state of the art backend compliance software, we can achieve any compliance level regulators have set in your area


Efficiency and simplicity are our prime objectives. Our simple and intuitive front-end interface is designed with your customers in mind. Rest assured that every time a customer uses one of our BTMs, they can buy and sell Bitcoin in the simplest way possible. In just 4 simple steps, your customers can buy or sell Bitcoin. You’ll never lose customers due to a complicated process or any unnecessary hoops they would need to jump. If your customers can use a smartphone, they can use one of our BTMs.

ChainBytes bitcoin ATM software for BTM kiosks
Bitcoin ATM business management via ChainBytes dashboard monthly report


We know how important it is to have full control over your business 24/7. The Dashboard our back-end system, will give you full insight and complete control over all of your Bitcoin ATMs entirely remotely. Wherever you are, you can always check in on your machines’ status, follow transactions, monitor cash inventory, set and update fees, set compliance levels, and much more. In just a few simple clicks, you’ll have your whole network updated, or just one machine. The choice is yours.

How a Bitcoin ATM business works

Buying cryptocurrency is easy. Watch this video to learn the steps.

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