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Choose a hosting option that best suits your needs and we will install a bitcoin ATM at your place of business. 

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Hosting Options For Location Owners

1. Location Rental

This is the best option for business owners with minimum involvement in BTM operations. We will place the BTM, and you have no obligation regarding operation except for the provision of electricity and, in some stores, the internet. The machine can run with minimum effort, and our technicians will do all the maintenance and customer support. You have absolutely no obligations. In this model, you get a fixed monthly rent for the space (square feet) the BTM occupies.

2. Bitcoin ATM Owner

This option is for those enterprising folks who want to get involved in the operations and spend time growing the business. You will buy the machine and operate it as a stand-alone operation. When deciding, if you wish to just rent a square foot of the floor space and get paid rent, or if you wish to own a machine and operate it as a standalone operator, take into consideration how much work you are looking to put into the operation of the BTM.




BTM brings new customers to your store, thereby increasing the foot traffic at your business. The customers often drive extensive distances to use one of these machines, which means it will bring new customers to your store, and they rarely leave without using some of your services.


For stores with coffee stations as well as bars and restaurants, there is potential profit from weekly or monthly Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency meetups that are usually organized in proximity to a BTM. The Bitcoin ATM will introduce your place of business to a new customer base. 


Local media coverage for the
newly deployed machine. The deployment of the machines is followed by various news coverages, from press releases to printed media. Use the opportunity and allow others to market your store by promoting a bitcoin ATM.


Featuring your business at all Bitcoin ATM maps where the machine is listed.
Our ATMs are posted on a network on websites that allow for Bitcoin customers to find the nearest ATM. This network of customers also translates to greater online exposure and increase of traffic for your business.

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