Multisig (Multi-Signature) is a software that provides more security to Bitcoin wallets. Traditionally, only one private key per wallet can authorize the release of Bitcoin. Therefore, this private key can only be used by one account, which is the Bitcoin holder’s public address. Usually only one person has access to a public address. However, multisig and smart contract scripts, bitcoin wallets now have the ability to have multiple users.

How Multisig is Implemented

Multisig acts like a joint bank account where x number of people are owners. 

  • A joint bank account recognizes multiple digital signatures to open the account and send money. 
  • Most importantly, developers can set additional rules to the account. For example, a rule can be set that requires 2 of 3 digital signatures before funds can be released.  
  • Rules like this help with security and corporate management of money.               

Trusting Multsig

Firstly, if one is going to use multisig they must trust the system. With Bitcoin you have a trustless system. This means two parties can have transactions without knowing each other. That is different then the current financial system where trust is determined by third parties. With Bitcoin, trust is through cryptography via the buyer’s private key and the merchant’s public address.

This is an effective way to implement trust in the allocation of funds. A Bitcoin wallet can be created to lock away funds for specific purposes like inheritance. A multisig would prevent anyone from taking control of the entire fund because there are rules set for its release. 

Multisig trust can be implemented for corporate management of funds, budget expenses, and other funding methods. Therefore, corporations that do B2B business can create multisig wallets. This authorizes both corporations to be involved in the releasing of funds. Bitcoin wallets also track the history of these transactions and can easily be audited. This prevents money racketing and swindling of funds from taking place. 

Main Benefits of Multisig  

  • It’s a safe and secure way to manage funds.                                
  • Creates a trustless settlement that’s automated and doesn’t require a third party’s involvement.     
  • Multisig can enforce settlement rules.           
  • Multisig helps secure funds by requiring consent of more than one account holder to unlock and release funds.     
  • The security multisig provides help in corporate mediations when it comes to fund management.                                 
  • Transactions are recorded on a blockchain for transparency purposes and discourages account holders from any malicious acts.                                                                        

Above all, the Multi-Signature feature provides a layer of security that doesn’t exist in traditional finance and helps improve trust in corporate management.

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