Cryptocurrency, led by Bitcoin, is gaining momentum for further adoption in the finance world. This adoption is offering new opportunities such as Bitcoin ATMs and Cryptocurrency ATMs.

A cryptocurrency ATM allows users to trade digital assets for fiat money and vice versa in real time. This is giving people who traditionally have not had access to crypto the necessary ability to acquire and trade digital assets. 

Although bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin ATMs also have the ability to host other digital assets. Some of these include.

  • Other established cryptos (Etherium)
  • Stablecoins (USDT & USDC) 
  • Meme coins (Dogecoin)
  • DeFi tokens & NFTs                                                                                  

Not everyone has bitcoin, so having a diverse array of crypto options may appeal to more customers. This is especially true as the growing base among Etherium and other altcoin holders continues to rise.         

If you are looking to get involved in this great new opportunity, Chainbytes can help! 

As a leading Bitcoin ATM manufacturer, Chainbytes provides the highest quality machines, great customer service, and connects you with a compliance solution to help meet regulatory needs.  

Contact Chainbytes to learn more about how to start a Bitcoin ATM Business.

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