Cryptocurrency adoption is booming right now. As this trend continues upwards, new opportunities are available for people to get involved. One of these includes operating a Bitcoin ATM business.                                       

The growing demand for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is turning Bitcoin ATMs into a lucrative business.                                           

Who Operates Bitcoin ATMs?                            

Anyone can operate a Bitcoin ATM. There are just certain requirements to follow, in order to meet compliance for operations. Luckily for you, ChainBytes, the premium Bitcoin ATM manufacturer, helps operators meet those requirements and get started.       

Getting Started as a Bitcoin ATM Operator       

First and foremost, you need to decide on a machine. 

ChainBytes provides one universal model (@$6500). The model comes equipped with premium hardware and software. There are also options to add on components such as a top screen that acts as a marketing monitor and/or an S&G lock for additional protection.       

Once you decide on a machine, next comes hosting options.               

Hosting Options for Bitcoin ATM Operators      

Operators can choose to either rent space for a Bitcoin ATM or become a partner to earn a percentage from operations.                                                                                   

We recommend that business owners looking to have minimum involvement in operations should rent a location. This requires only the space for the machine, and a fixed monthly rent payment from the operator.                                                       

For those who want more involvement in the operations, becoming a partner offers the most benefits. When you’re a partner, a percentage of every transaction processed by the Bitcoin ATM is given to the operator. 

Check the Chainbytes ‘Host A Machine’ section for more options.                              

Order Bitcoin ATM                                             

Once you have decided what is right for you, you can speak with an agent or send a message regarding interest in operating Bitcoin ATMs. 

For further inquiries, please contact us.

Today, more than ever, operators are benefiting from the appreciation of the price of Bitcoin. They are also seeing good returns on investment and increased foot traffic at Bitcoin ATM locations. If you want to learn more about the benefits, check the blog article, ‘5 Reasons To Invest In Bitcoin ATMs Right Now’.   

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