Bitcoin ATMs (or BTMs) are growing across the United States. As more and more people decide to get into cryptocurrency, manufacturers and BTM operators are working harder than ever to earn your business. 

But if you’re new to the BTM operator market, how do you decide which Bitcoin ATM  manufacturer is right for you?

Premium components go a long way                         

With Bitcoin ATM machines, both the hardware and the software are important.       

  • Low quality hardware deteriorates quickly. Therefore, you need machines with sturdy hardware and premium components that are capable of withstanding the rugged demands of daily use.
  • The software that operates your machines is also key. Problems with a BTM’s software can quickly add up and affect every single transaction that is made in a day. 

Whichever manufacturer you choose, make sure their hardware and software systems are robust and that you can easily contact them for help if problems arise.

Customizing your Bitcoin ATMs                                            

Depending on the machine you choose, there are many ways a BTM operator can customize the performance of a Bitcoin ATM.

This includes adjusting transaction fees, setting buy/sell limits, offering special promotions (i.e. “Get $5.00 of FREE bitcoin!”), or providing seasonal discounts.

You can also customize what types of cryptocurrencies customers can buy or sell through your BTM machine. This is important as the crypto space is growing and more and more cryptocurrencies are becoming popular. For now, offering at least bitcoin is a must, as the majority of crypto ATM transactions involve buying and selling BTC.  

What makes happy customers?

  • Easy to use and operator friendly BTM machines  
  • Hardware that is solid and built to last 
  • Reliable and customizable software                              
  • A Bitcoin ATM manufacturer that provides accessible and top-notch customer service to answer any questions you may have.                                                                                                                                     

ChainBytes Bitcoin ATMs do it right!      

If you are looking for a BTM manufacturer that can provide you with the right mix of all of the above, then ChainBytes might be right for you!   

American-owned and operated, ChainBytes offers you premium hardware, industry leading software, and a diverse array of crypto’s to choose from for buying and selling. 

ChainBytes also understands the importance of customer service and makes answering your questions their utmost priority. 

To learn more, contact the ChainBytes sales team at this link.

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