As a leader in innovation ChainBytes is happy to announce the integration of NTFs on our Bitcoin ATM network. ChainBytes has recently partnered with Museo del Caos to bring their artists NTFs directly to customers worldwide.

What is The Museo del Caos? 

Founded in 2019 by José Rodríguez, the Museo del Caos is a space of creativity where Mexican artists and performers who create crypto art and NFTs meet to discuss and showcase their creative ideas. 

Since 2019, Museo del Caos has collaborated with artists, conferences, and startups creating galleries, events, and experiences on the MetaVerses of Decentraland and Cryptovoxels, with over 10,000 total attendees.  

ChainBytes Partnership with The Museo del Caos  

“We have wanted to integrate NFTs on to our Bitcoin ATM network for a while now, luckily for us we found the right partner with The Museo del Caos” – said ChainBytes public relations director Ted Stevenot

Bitcoin ATM machines have experienced enormous growth in recent years as convenient onramps for retail participants wanting to become involved in the cryptocurrency space. Uniquely, ChainBytes Bitcoin ATMs integrate supplemental video screens which make them ideally suited to display and promote NFT art throughout the company’s expanding Bitcoin ATM network. This allows operators to expand their Bitcoin ATM capabilities to a world of NFTs.

Through ChainBytes Bitcoin ATM networks, the Museo del Caos will be able to showcase their artists within the NFT and MetaVerse spaces over a new medium. This will boost the visibility of the artists internationally in the United States and in the future across Mexico and LATAM, as ChainBytes plans for expansion into these countries.

Eric Grill, CEO of ChainBytes commented, “Utilizing our Bitcoin ATMs to provide exclusive content and NFT services to Mexican and Latin American artists, galleries, musicians, labels, and more offers added exposure and makes it easier for retail buyers to participate. Through our initiative with Museo del Caos, we can now offer network operators, content creators, and the public greater access to this rapidly expanding space.” 

Some artists that are already on board include YoukonejoOh Fetush!, and the rappers Simpson Ahuevo and Go Golden Junk.

This is just the first step in integration of NFTs into our Bitcoin ATM network. We are currently working on expanding even further to open the doors to the endless possibilities within the NFT space and the MetaVerse.  


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