One of the biggest opportunities in cryptocurrency right now is hosting or
operating Bitcoin ATM machines. To get involved, businesses have the choice
to either provide space at their location as hosts or to become Bitcoin ATM
operators themselves.

Whichever path you choose, ChainBytes, makes it fast and easy to get started!
ChainBytes assists you with,

  • Finding reliable, state-of-the-art, Bitcoin ATM machines.
  • Covering technical details of software for daily operation.
  • Easy “plug and play” install and setup of your machines.
  • Directing you to third-party help with regulatory and compliance

Due to the continued rise and adoption of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin ATMs are
helping businesses grow across the country. This rise is projected to further
increase over the coming years.

Bitcoin is leading the charge as the most valuable digital asset in the
cryptocurrency market. Valued at $60K+ per coin in October 2021, many
expect the price to grow even more as the cryptocurrency space expands.

Why Bitcoin ATMs?

Bitcoin ATMs provide the bridge between retail users and Bitcoin. Operators
who install a Bitcoin ATM at their location can benefit from the following:

  • Increased foot traffic from Bitcoin users.
  • Share in Bitcoin ATM transaction fees for operators.
  • Monthly rental payments for operators who lease space for a Bitcoin
  • Increased revenue!

How to host a Bitcoin ATM?

Hosting a machine is the best option for business owners looking to have
minimum involvement in a Bitcoin ATM operation. There is no obligation
regarding operation except provision of space for the machine, electricity,
and Internet access. The machine can run with minimum effort beyond
replacing paper or rebooting the machine. In this model, you get a fixed
monthly rent for the space (square feet) that the Bitcoin ATM occupied.

Whether you are interested in becoming a host or an operator, ChainBytes is here to help!

To learn more, contact ChainBytes for more details or inquiries on how to get


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